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Content is King
Website Design Process

   Inviting Content

   Informal Language

   Call to Action

   Keyword Focused


   Easy to Read

Content is what drives search engines and search engine results. Almost all search engine queries originate by someone looking for something. If I am searching for air conditioning repair, a good Italian restaurant, new jogging shoes, whatever; my query will probably use descriptive “keywords” that the search engine will query on. Good content has certain common factors that make it both web searcher and search engine friendly.

 Quality Content

Content that is on target, well written, and easy to understand, with every entry written from the perspective that a website must get the right content to the reader as quickly as possible, in the most readable manner.

 Informal, Active Language

The language should be friendly, informal, and jargon free. You're trying to communicate with potential customers, not show off your vocabulary skills.

 Call to Action

Good content includes a "call to action", whether that's buying something, signing up for something, etc.

 Contextual relevance

Content that contains numerous terms related to your keywords, as well as keyword variations.

 Scannable Content

It's important to keep in mind that Web surfers seldom "read" your content. Instead, they scan the page, looking for stand-out words and sentences. This means that in order to attract searchers, the content must not only be compelling, it must be scannable.

At Korgone Web Design, we examine your content, making sure it correlates to your keywords. We spell check your content, check for grammatical errors, look for syntax problems, we help insure your content is designed to appeal to your audience’s interests. We work with you to insure your site is targeting the desired audience.