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At Korgone Web Design, we feel that the key to the best web design is to utilize a process that ensures predictable results. Throughout the process, we work with you to develop a site that meets your needs.

Analyzing your Competition

One of the most important steps to your website is creating an eye-catching design that presents you in a professional manner. We check out your competition, seeing what does and doesn’t work on their websites. We pay particular attention to those websites that rank high on the various search engines. We use this information to help guide us through our design decisions.

Human Factors

The average length of time for a visitor to decide whether they want to remain on a website or not is just a few seconds. It’s important that your visitors find a reason to stay. We work with you to enhance each visitors experience on your website. Easy navigation, professional design, easily locatable information are all factors we integrate into your website, combined with the information gained from our market analysis.


We work with you to develop an appealing, professional layout; with appropriate graphics and enticing content; and finalize it by creating an efficient navigation structure. Each website we build is available for your review at any time through the use of your internet browser. With your input, we'll continue to refine the website until you are satisfied and using this approach allows you to know exactly what the finished product looks like in advance.

Site Visibility

Once we’ve finalized the website, we “publish” it to whichever internet host you have indicated or we can provide hosting recommendations.

Promoting the Site

A true Search Engine Optimization Strategy should begin in the early stages of website design. Determining all the aspects of high search engine ranking and including them in the design gives your website a real advantage in SEO Strategy. In addition, we research possible backlink sources, determine how and where keywords and key-phrases should be included in your content, research additional keywords and key-phrases that might be useful, and add website analytics to your website. This is an ideal start for the beginning of the marketing promotion for your site.

Design Process
Website Design Process



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