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Holland America's Eurodam

The Holland America Eurodam

More than you'd ever want to know about the Eurodam

Much like both the Cunard and the Carnival ships, all Holland America ships, including the Eurodam, are owned by Carnival Corporation. The port of registry for the Eurodam is Rotterdam, Netherlands (again, Cunard is registered at South Hampton, England and the Carival line is registered at Nassau, Bahamas). Three different cruise lines, owned by one company, and in my opinion, three different types of cruise experiences. Interesting enough, this is the second cruise Margaret and I have done together and we both have cruised on a Carnival ship in the past, so we both have experienced what it is like to cruise on each of Carnival's cruise lines.

The ship had a lot of activities that we didn't take advantage of. The more obvious were gambling, shopping, the fitness center, smimming and onboard outdoor activites and the numerous bars. The ship had internet and cell phone service as an upcharge, which we did not use. Our stateroom had a large screen TV with some basic TV channels provided (I believe NBC, MSNBC, Fox, and BBC nature documentaries with Richard Attenborough providing narration.

The TV also provided ship information, cruise weather information, port information, excursion information and a few movies (25-30, I'm guessing). There were also four different music channels provided via the TV, not great sound but for background, tolerable. We did not have the TV on much, mostly to check out excursions and the weather. As I mentioned somewhere on this site, we did watch three movies - two we had never seen before and I watched Red 2 on Friday night as we packed.

The stateroom was fabulous and the few pictures I have included do not do it justice. We went out on the veranda literally every day, sometimes for extended periods of time, sometimes for a much shorter time (for two reasons, one was the temperature was sometimes a little brisk on the open sea and also, one of our next door neighbors decided to smoke his/her cigars on their veranda and neither Margaret or I enjoyed the burning tobacco smell.

Boring information about the ship

Class and type: Signature-class cruise ship
Tonnage 86,273 GT
Length 935 ft
Beam 105.8 ft
Draft 26 ft
Decks 11 passenger decks
Speed 23.9 knots/27.5 mph) (max)
Capacity 2,104 passengers
Crew 929

More than you'd ever want to know about the Eurodam

Eurodam keeps it fairly simple and straightforward when it comes to cabin choices. Of the 1,052 total cabins on board, there are three standard options (interior, ocean view and veranda) and three suite types (Signature, Neptune and Pinnacle). Many of these categories also come as a spa cabin. In general, the cabins are comfortable, but don't offer much in the way of unique bells and whistles.

All Neptune suites (what we stayed in) feature Mariner dream beds with Sealy premium pillow-top mattresses that can convert from two twins to one queen. All also have a small sofa, side chair, vanity/desk with ottoman, two nightstands with bedside lights and separate reading lights, ample closets/wardrobes with hanging space and shelves, a safe, robes, some storage cabinets in the vanity (stocked with a variety of glassware), two huge drawers at the foot of the bed, a mini-bar, hair dryer, makeup mirror and American and European outlets and USB chargers.

Our Stateroom

There were many entertainment opportunities onboard the ship including:

  • the Casino
  • Swimming Pools
  • Greenhouse Spa
  • a Fitness Center
  • Shopping
  • Bars
  • Billboard Onboard
  • Movies
  • the Mainstage
  • the World Stage

Lincoln Center Stage

Lincoln Center Stage on EurodamThis was easily our favorite onboard hangout (well that may not be totally accurate - there was the dining room and the stateroom).

The Lincoln Center State performers consisted of three violins (one a bass violin), a cello, and a piano (a Steinway grand piano provided to the cruise ship by Steinway). The performers were all originally from the same Russian city and spoke broken but mostly understandable english. To say they were talented is an understatement. Their playing was excellent, their timing was right on and the combination of the two to five instruments, depending on what was being played, was outstanding.

The shows differed each night and even during the day. They did one afternoon and two evening performances. We were able to hear performances featuring American composers, Brahms, and movie classics.

B.B. King's Blues Club

B.B. King's Blues Club on the EurodamThe band played multiple sets every night we were on board except one (even they got a day off). It consisted of a trumpet, a sax, a keyboardest, drummer, bass player, guitarist, and 2 singers (one male and one female). The sets we went to (sets on two different nights) were a mix of rock and blues, with maybe a little bit of country rock mixed in. Each set seemed to run about 45 minutes and in most cases the songs seemed a little long. I heard no B.B. King standards in either set, so using the name of B.B. King Blues was mostly a ploy to gain an audience. Having written that, they were pretty good although a little loud (and this is coming from an ex-Rock & Roller with hearing to match.

The first night we went was specifically to listen to them, the venue was small and crowded so we stood in the back and enjoyed the show. The second time we went was to actually kill some time before the Lincoln Center Stage performance (we had 30 minutes between our evening meal and when the earlier evening Lincoln Center performance was to occur), so B.B. King seemed like a great choice. During the 25 minutes we were there, they played 3 songs, again none were B.B. King noteables. Did we enjoy music, definitely Yes. The musicians were talented, very upbeat, and had a ton of energy. I have since done a little research about the B.B. King Blues Club and have found there are five locations (Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, New Orleans, and Montgomery) that are affiliated with the BB King name and I am guessing the B.B. King Blues Club is an offshoot of that.

Food & Beverages


Dining RoomInternational Cuisine Breakfast Lunch Dinner
TamarindAsian-Fusion Dinner
Pinnacle Grill\Pacific Northwest Steak & Seafood Lunch Dinner
Rudi's Sel de MerFrench Seafood Brasserie Dinner
CanalettoItalian Lunch Dinner
Lido MarketInternational Cuisine Breakfast Lunch Dinner
New York PizzaHandmade Pizza Lunch Dinner
Dive-InGourmet Burgers & Hot Dogs Lunch Dinner
In-Room Dining Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Eurodam Dining RoomWe ate most of our meals in the Dining Room, Lido Market, or used In-Room Dining. Our stateroom entitled us to one "free" meal in the Pinnacle Grill which, was reserved for us on Sunday evening (we were pre-assigned that night, it was not necessarily our first choice). The food was good, not great.

In the Dining Room, we sat at a table that held six. For most of the cruise, there were only four of us, the other two joined us for the final two nights. Typically a meal consisted of three courses; "starter", entree, and dessert.

One of the benefits of our stateroom was that it included use of the Neptune Lounge which included coffee, tea, soda, some alcohol (limited beer, wine, and spirits), finger food, and desserts. Our room was located around 25-30 feet from the lounge and late mornings and early afternoons would find us there grabbing a quick snack (or for me, a diet coke). On our final morning on board we actually grabbed enough breakfast type food there to not have to go to one of the restaurants that served breakfast.

While we had an assigned table and time for the evening meal, there was still a "dormitory" feel to the dining room. The wait staff were attentive and helpful but there was no assistance regarding wine selection, so we were limited in knowing what wines we might want to choose to go with our meals. While our ship reservation included the "Signature Beverage Package" (any drink under $9.00 was available at no additional cost), Margaret drank almost nothing and I limited myself to two after dinner drinks, one glass of wine, and two cocktails while on board. We did purchase a bottle of "sparkling" wine for our Tuesday evening anniversary celebration, it ended up being cheap champagne which Margaret tried and didn't like. Fortunately, no charge.

For a cruise ship, the food was okay but nothing to write home about. On our other cruise, we found the food and service to be outstanding. Not here.


On Deck

  • Lido Bar
  • Sea View Bar
  • Indoors

  • Ocean Bar
  • Tamarind Bar
  • Crow's Nest
  • Gallery Bar
  • Pinnacle Bar

  • Pinnacle BarI'm not sure which bars we visited, we only ordered drinks twice away from our room or the restaurant. I think I had a Cape Cod at the Gallery Bar and at the Pinnacle Bar but I could be wrong. As I mentioned above, we ordered sparkling wine in our room once and it was not sparking wine (it was champagne, which may be considered sparkling wine but I specifically told the concierge that we did not want champagne because Margaret wouldn't drink it). I had a Mimosa once for breakfast, which I enjoyed and a Bloody Mary once with breakfast that was almost undrinkable. When I won't finish a drink, you know it's bad.

    Our stateroom had a small refrigerator in it and there was beer, wine, soft drinks, and spirits in it. We drank the one bottle of aparkling wine which we found in the refrigerator and then just used it to keep a coke and diet coke cold for me (Margaret also stored yogurt and two hard-boiled eggs in it - we over ordered once for breakfast).