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High Clicks, Low Conversion
Website Design Process

   Relevant Keywords

   Calls to Action

   Search Engine Friendly

   Inviting Content

   High-ranking backlinks

   Industry standard code





A - High Clicks, High Conversion

B - High Clicks, Low Conversion

C - Low Clicks, High Conversion

D - Low Clicks, Low Conversion

A website with high clicks and low conversion is usually referred to as having a high bounce rate.

 Your keywords may not be specific enough. If you use general keywords, a user may arrive at your site expecting to find something you don't offer. Highly targeted keywords will help ensure your website visitors are those people who are interested in your product or service.

 Your keywords do not reflect your content.  You have used “home health care” as a key-phrase and what you offer are “home health care supplies”.

 Your website is too busy (flash intro, animated marques, pop-up ads, for example). We find that, often distracting web pages will cause a high bounce rate.

 Your content may be informative but your web pages have no Calls to Action.

Whether it be keywords, content, calls to action, or any other factor, we will work with you to move your website from red to yellow to green.  Contact us to discuss your SEO Strategy and how we may help you achieve your marketing goals.