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High Clicks, Low Conversion
Website Design Process

   Relevant Keywords

   Calls to Action

   Search Engine Friendly

   Inviting Content

   High-ranking backlinks

   Industry standard code





A - High Clicks, High Conversion

B - High Clicks, Low Conversion

C - Low Clicks, High Conversion

D - Low Clicks, Low Conversion

A website with low clicks and high conversion is usually either a new website or a website where the SEO Strategy has been stopped after obvious keyword selection and content.

 Low clicks and high conversion could indicate great content and calls to action but keyword selection has limited the number of people finding your website. This is often the case when a website focuses on a limited, obvious keyword selection and doesn’t consider similar but different keywords and key-phrases.

 Additional keywords and key-phrases, combined with adding your website to search directories, adding backlinks, and following a more aggressing SEO Strategy will help increase the clicks and with it, increase the ROI (Return On Investment) for your site.

 Adding additional features to your website, like a blog or forum and adding additional ways for your site to be found, like Facebook or Twitter, and/or joining related referral services like Angie’s List will increase a website’s presence and should result in high search rankings.

There are numerous ways to gain visitors to your website.  Let us discuss ways to increase your visitors, we will work with you to move your website from red to yellow to green.  Contact us to discuss your SEO Strategy and how we may help you achieve your marketing goals.