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High Clicks, Low Conversion
Website Design Process

   Relevant Keywords

   Calls to Action

   Search Engine Friendly

   Inviting Content

   High-ranking backlinks

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A - High Clicks, High Conversion

B - High Clicks, Low Conversion

C - Low Clicks, High Conversion

D - Low Clicks, Low Conversion

Low clicks and low conversion is expected from a new website. If your website isn’t new, then your SEO Strategy isn’t working and it could be time for drastic measures.

We will help you:

 Use a systematic approach to determine the potential issues with the website.

 Fix the problems one at a time.

 Try to start with the most glaring problems first.

 Remember that Patience is a Virtue.

 Determine the “point of no return” where a rebuild makes more sense than a repair.

 Not “toss out the baby with the bath water” (preserve what you can).

 Make sure a problem is a problem and not the symptom of another, perhaps more serious problem.

We will work with you to increase your clicks and conversion rate. No matter where your website falls, we will work with you to move your website from red to yellow to green.  Contact us to discuss your SEO Strategy and how we may help you achieve your marketing goals.