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Quality Assurance is one of the key focus areas at Korgone Web Design. We follow industry standard guidelines and processes in our Quality Assurance System. With a formal program in place, the company continuously monitors the development, search engine optimization and website maintenance processes.

After developing a solution, we continually test every phase of your project with regression testing to insure any changes made during a redesign, all parts of a new website, any maintenance performed, any search engine modification achieves the desired result.

From project analysis through design, development, testing and implementation, we utilize industry standard procedures to reduce errors and improve productivity. We prepare a comprehensive test plan for each phase of a project, stating the objectives and strategies to be used to ensure the desired result.

Included in our process is the ability to monitor your web site as it is being created. Each site has a unique web address on our development server where you have the ability to “drive by” at any time to see your web site being built.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance