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At Korgone Web Design, we feel that the key to a high search engine ranking is a combination of relevant keywords utilized effectively, meaningful content, appropriate backlinks, and page design that conforms to industry/search engine guidelines.

Know Your Audience

People usually visit websites for specific reasons. Knowing your audience and anticipating the keywords they would be using to search with, allows us to combine the correct keywords with your compelling content. This not only helps with website ranking but also helps with bounce rate (when a visitor leaves a website after only viewing one page), and visitor loyalty.

Industry Guidelines

Successful websites tend to follow certain guidelines which include one to two keywords in the Title, one to two keywords in the H1 tag, keywords in the first 50 characters on content, and keywords average of 3% to 5% of content. At Korgone Web Design, we utilize these guidelines throughout your website.

Location, location, location

Where a site appears in the search engine ranking has been proven to have a direct effect on its hits and conversion rate.  Using effective keywords and placing them appropriately in and throughout your website, will (with time) effect your search engine ranking.  We work with you to choose the best keywords, use them effectively in your content, and utilize industry (search engine) standards to give your website the best chance of a high search engine ranking.

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