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Success on the internet has never been about a "beautiful" website. Yes, a well designed, user friendly website is important, but it is only part of the equation. A truly successful website is a combination of many factors, not the least of which is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The ultimate goal of a website is to have the searcher respond to it's "call to action" - you can read more about "calls to action" in our Website Design section. The purpose of SEO is to rank well for specific search terms - those words and phrases a searcher "tells" a search engive to search for.

Do search engines consider your website an authority on a searcher's search terms?

A huge part of successful SEO strategy is to help a search engine determine that you are an authority on a searcher's search terms. This is done using many different techniques both on the page that the visitor sees and in the "code behind" which is seen by the search engine.

A well designed website has engaging content, easy to use navigation, and does as much as it can to show the search engines it is an authority on the searchers relevant search terms. Do the major search engines consider your website an authority on your relevant search terms? On which page does your website show up when a search phrase is entered into your favorite search engine? We can help!

If you can't be found, what difference does it make how beautiful you are?

When we think about the perfect website, we think 3 legged stool. Each leg has a specific and necessary purpose. The obvious leg (the one in front) is what the visitor sees. Does it have compelling content and easy navigation? Does it present solutions to the visitors problems? You can read more about Solution Based websites in our Website Design section.

The second leg (in no particular order because they are of equal value) is SEO. Does your website have all the elements it needs to let the search engine know what it is about? Does the content and code-behind tell the search engine this website is an authoirty on the searcher's search terms? If not, it won't rank very high and probably won't be found.

The third leg is probably the hardest to build because it requires other websites to consider you an authoirty on your search terms. Often referred to as backlinks (for more about backlinks, refer to our backlink description page), this is the process where you get other websites to link to you, hence backlinks or links back!

Ranking Number One is Never Enough

Ranking high on the first page of a search engine (SERP - Search Engine Results Pages) is the first part of a search engine optimization strategy. Does your website have easy to use navigation, easy to find and relevent content? Does your website answer the searchers questions, solve their problems, offer solutions? Our Website Design section gives more information on these important factors.

Without a user friendly, solution based website with good, solid calls to action, a number one ranking may get the clicks, but will it convert those clicks to business? Our SEO experts provide solutions to search engine optimization problems, give us a call at (512) 758-3110 or email us for a consultation.

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