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A - High Clicks, High Conversion

B - High Clicks, Low Conversion

C - Low Clicks, High Conversion

D - Low Clicks, Low Conversion

High Clicks, High Conversion

This is what you are searching for, your SEO Strategy is working.

High Clicks, Low Conversion

You have high traffic but a low conversion rate.  There are a number of factors that could cause this to happen.  Part of your SEO Strategy is working well, you are getting the traffic. Now you need to focus on things like your bounce rate, calls to action, and the quality of your content.

Low Clicks, High Conversion

You have low traffic and a high conversion rate, you are halfway there.  This might be an indication of a new site with great calls to action and great content and if so, your website just needs more time.  For an older website, you might need to focus on your keyword selection and backlinks.

Low Clicks, Low Conversion

Low traffic and a low conversion rate, unless you have a new website, means your SEO Strategy is not working.  You need to examine your entire SEO Strategy and re-examine your website to determine what needs to be addressed to increase your clicks and your conversion rate.

No matter where your website falls, Korgone Web Design can work with you to move your site from red to yellow to green.  Contact us to discuss your SEO Strategy and how we may help you achieve your marketing goals.