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Search engine usage has evolved over the years, but the primary principles of conducting a search remain largely unchanged.  For example, the user may be looking for a website (navigational query) to buy something (transactional query) or to learn something (informational query).

 Navigational Queries

Navigational searches are performed with the intent of surfing directly to a specific website.  In some cases, the user may not know the exact URL, and the search engine serves to find the specific website.

 Informational Queries

Informational searches are primarily non-transactional oriented (although they can include researching information about a product or service); the information itself is the goal and no interaction beyond clicking and reading is required.

 Transactional Queries

Transactional searches don’t necessarily involve a credit card. Signing up for a free trial account, creating an email account, paying a parking ticket or finding the best local Mexican restaurant for dining tonight are all transactional queries.

While Navigational queries are not usually a concern for your search engine strategy, Informational and Transactional queries definitely should be. We examine the what and why for all queries and work with you to develop a search engine strategy that will bring queries to your website.